Which dyes do you use?


I dye with acid dyes

These are dyes that require heat and an acid to attach themselves to protein-based fibres. The acid I use is citric acid, which is a natural acid and is also widely used in foods. When you wash your project, you will sometimes see some colouration in the water. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the dye will bind to your lighter yarns. In order to bind, the dye requires heat. That is why I recommend washing in cold water with some wool detergent as the safest option. If you want to combine light and dark colours in 1 project, always make a test piece and wash this to make sure that the colours don't blend. It is typical for hand-dyed yarns to give off some colour when they are washed. You don't have to be afraid that your yarn is fading. The colour you see in the water is usually just some dye residue left behind in the wool.




Why does my yarn look different from the one in the webshop?

Each hank is a unique product, and I don't photograph every individual hank. As such, the colour distribution may differ from the hank you see in the webshop. I only use photos which offer a realistic representation of the colour. Nevertheless, you must take into account that your monitor might display colours a little differently. This is unfortunately not something I can do anything about.


Are you environmentally-minded?


Wool and yarn

I think animal welfare is incredibly important! I am therefore 100% against Mulesing and only use wool and yarn from suppliers who can guarantee that their wool is Mulesing-free. Wol Verhalen's merino wool comes from South America or Europe.

The dyeing process

I use non-toxic dyes and do not flush dye residue down the drain. In the dyeing method I use, all the dye is absorbed by the wool and therefore no dye is wasted. This process takes a little longer, but that is not an issue for me. I use food-grade citric acid as a fixing agent. Citric acid occurs naturally in food and water and is biodegradable.


I strive to re-use as much packaging material as possible and preferably use packaging made from recycled materials. When this is not possible, I use material that is recyclable. I do my best to avoid the use of plastic. I do sell products made from recycled plastic, from recycled PET bottles, for example.

Can I come by and visit you?

You sure can! You will find my shop with Dye Studio at the Zuidlaarderweg 2 in Tynaarlo (Drenthe). You can also find me at the Breidagen (Knitting Days) in Groningen, Amsterdam and Zwolle.


Who are you?

My name is Catharina Zantingh and Wol Verhalen is my independent shop with Dye Studio. Wool, colour, and nature have always played an important role in my life. It therefore feels like a privilege to be able to give these a leading role in my life now, through Wol Verhalen.


If you have any questions, you can always contact me!


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