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    Amirisu magazine issue 25
    Amirisu magazine issue 25

    Issue 25 will be released on November 4, 2022!

    This issue features twelve knitwear designs created with special attention to silhouette and pattern in subdued shades. Photographs were taken on location at the recently renovated…

    € 26,00
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    Tauko Magazine issue 5
    Tauko Magazine issue 5

    *Pre Order* Tauko no. 5 verschijnt op 22 oktober

    TAUKO Magazine No. 5 is NOW available for pre-orders and its is all about soft and comfy wool! The issue features essays of local wool production in Europe and portraits textile…

    € 26,00
  • Radåm magazine issue 3
    Radåm magazine issue 3

    Radåm Magazine #3 - CONFIDENCE

    Magazine for knitters, created by Anete Barina & Zanete Hussain
    Radåm Magazine is a new stylish knitting magazine for the trendy knitters!
    The third issue is about a person who is confident,…

    € 25,00
  • Laine Magazine issue 15
    Laine Magazine issue 15

    Je kunt kiezen uit 2 covers! Speciaal voor deze vernieuwde uitgave is er een Limited Black & White cover gemaakt. The autumn issue, Laine 15, comes with a whole new look!Our beloved magazine is taking a step into a more modern,…

    € 24,00
  • Pom Pom Autumn 2022 issue 24 The Art of Abundance
    Pom Pom Autumn 2022 issue 24 The Art of Abundance

    It’s no secret that, when it comes to colour, texture, and pattern, we’re maximalists through and through! This autumn, we decided to embrace this natural instinct of ours and curate a knit and crochet collection inspired by…

    € 22,50
  • Shetland Wool Adventures vol.4
    Shetland Wool Adventures vol.4

    Experience life in Shetland through beautiful photography and stories from some of the isles’ best writers, knitters and craftspeople.

    The Shetland Wool Adventures Journal celebrates Shetland’s heritage, creativity, outdoors…

    € 26,50
  • Making Stories issue 7
    Making Stories issue 7


    In this issue, we’re focusing on joy – finding joy in the small and big things in life, in a new discovery or a renewed love, in knowing that even the smallest changes can have a huge impact on sustainability…

    € 24,90 € 15,00
  • Laine magazine 13 Usnea
    Laine magazine 13 Usnea

    *Pre order* De verschijningsdatum is 10 december, houd ivm lokale Covid maatregelen rekening met enige vertraging.
    Laine 13, Usnea, includes:

    ∙ 148 pages

    ∙ 10 knitting patterns & 1 crochet pattern, beautifully photographed…

    € 24,00 € 16,00
  • Making Stories issue 4
    Making Stories issue 4

    ABOUT ISSUE 4Issue 4 is an invitation to take a look at the craft we love and share as a way of challenging the status quo, changing standards that no longer serve us, and, yes, subverting the norm.

    In its pages you’ll find…

    € 20,90 € 15,00
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