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Wol Verhalen is a Yarn store with Dye Studio in Tynaarlo, The Netherlands

In my Dye Studio, I dye yarns of various compositions, such as various types of sheep wool, yak, alpaca, silk, and mohair. I am very careful in selecting yarn suppliers. All the wool I use is Mulesing-free. I dye the yarns of Wol Verhalen exclusively and on a small scale for my own shop. This allows me to give the process all the care and attention it needs! 

In addition to the hand-dyed yarns from Wol Verhalen, you will also find yarns from CaMaRose, Einrúm and Knitting for Olive to ensure that you can select from a wide product range.

The majority of the products that I have in my shop in Tynaarlo can also be found in the webshop.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you need advice! 

I am more than happy to help you!



Shipping is free for orders over € 100 within the Netherlands.
Shipping is free for orders over € 175 delivered to Belgium. 








  • Merino singles Araschnia
    Merino singles Araschnia
    € 22,50
  • Merino singles Oenothera
    Merino singles Oenothera
    € 22,50
  • Suri Silk Cloud Pebbles
    Suri Silk Cloud Pebbles
    € 24,50
  • Suri Silk Cloud  Peach Blossom
    Suri Silk Cloud Peach Blossom
    € 24,50
  • Kidsilk Lace Golden Brown
    Kidsilk Lace Golden Brown
    € 23,50
  • Kidsilk Lace Stories
    Kidsilk Lace Stories
    € 23,50
  • Kidsilk Lace Fusion Coral
    Kidsilk Lace Fusion Coral
    € 23,50
  • Kidsilk Lace Mixed Roses
    Kidsilk Lace Mixed Roses
    € 23,50
  • Kidsilk Lace Oak Leaves
    Kidsilk Lace Oak Leaves
    € 23,50
  • MerYak Heathered Pinku
    MerYak Heathered Pinku
    € 26,50
  • MerYak Heathered Heliotroop
    MerYak Heathered Heliotroop
    € 26,50
  • MerYak Inkling
    MerYak Inkling
    € 26,50
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