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    Moorit Magazine issue 5 Highland Retreat
    Moorit Magazine issue 5 Highland Retreat

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    Naturally, we just had to find a way to celebrate the beautiful country of Scotland that we call home, and here's the perfect theme: Highland Retreat. Featuring 12 beautiful…

    € 29,50
  • Laine magazine issue 18
    Laine magazine issue 18

    Laine's beautiful autumn issue is here!

    In Laine 18 — called Weekend Getaway — we take time to relax in a little cottage by the forest.

    The versatile and comfortable knits are suited for both indoors and outdoors, and they…

    € 25,00
  • Pom Pom issue 46 The Farmers Daughter
    Pom Pom issue 46 The Farmers Daughter

    Collaborating with creatives we admire is one of the great joys of making Pom Pom.

    Candice English of The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers has been an inspiration to us for a long time, both as a dyer and as an advocate for Indigenous…

    € 22,50
  • Pom Pom Crochet Anthology
    Pom Pom Crochet Anthology

    After ten years of publishing knit-focussed collections with just a sprinkling of crochet we thought it was about time we leaned into our love of this often less-celebrated craft and released a special anthology of some of our…

    € 23,00
  • Laine magazine issue 16
    Laine magazine issue 16

    Laine 16 brings you to the streets of our beloved Helsinki, the capital of Finland. We will visit a charming bookstore and an edgy record store, and sit down to have a warming cup of coffee. In short, a perfect, slow Saturday!…

    € 25,00
  • Pom Pom Winter 2022 issue 43
    Pom Pom Winter 2022 issue 43

    Great knits are like great art because they make us think differently, and the process of making can be even more revelatory! Showing us how we can look to, and beyond, our horizons when it comes to our craft, our 43rd issue is…

    € 22,50 € 15,00
  • Shetland Wool Adventures vol.4
    Shetland Wool Adventures vol.4

    Experience life in Shetland through beautiful photography and stories from some of the isles’ best writers, knitters and craftspeople.

    The Shetland Wool Adventures Journal celebrates Shetland’s heritage, creativity, outdoors…

    € 26,50 € 19,50
  • Shetland Wool Adventures vol.3
    Shetland Wool Adventures vol.3

    Shetland Wool Adventures Journal volume 3 contains:∙ 164 pages
    ∙ 6 knitting patterns by Shetland designers, made in Shetland wool, inspired by our surroundings and reflecting Shetland heritage and knitting traditions

    € 26,50 € 19,50
  • Tauko Magazine issue 5
    Tauko Magazine issue 5

    TAUKO Magazine No. 5 is all about soft and comfy wool!

    The issue features essays of local wool production in Europe and portraits textile artists working with indigenous sheep herds in Denmark and the US. It features 10 sewing…

    € 26,00 € 17,50
  • Radåm magazine issue 3
    Radåm magazine issue 3

    Radåm Magazine #3 - CONFIDENCE

    Magazine for knitters, created by Anete Barina & Zanete Hussain
    Radåm Magazine is a new stylish knitting magazine for the trendy knitters!
    The third issue is about a person who is confident,…

    € 25,00 € 15,00
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