Wool Dreamers:

The dream of a boy, at this point 33 years old, who had been working in the textile industry for more than half his life. A dream sparked by a passion for natural fibers nurtured within him by his father from a very young age.

My name is Ramón and I am that dreamer. They say that when you find your calling, you begin by dreaming about it, and in effect, that’s exactly what happened.

The dream began with a vision of naturalfibers, especially wool, overtaking the ever-present synthetic materials.I envisioned conversations with longtime shepherds and ranchers, telling me how their view of wool had changed. I saw them pampering their sheep because they appreciated the value and importance of raising wool.

Simultaneously in this dream, the public became aware that there is no better way to fight against micro-plastic pollution and climate change than the use of 100% biodegradable materials.

This dream seemed so real that as soon as I woke up I searched for initiatives promoting the use of wool and other sustainable fibers.

I needed to educate myself and investigate the possibilities for natural materials to subvert artificial fibers.

As it turns out, my dream was quite out of tune with thereality I found. Everywhere I looked, synthetic materials dominated the fiber market from yarns, to fabric, and even insulation.

To make matters worse, when wool was available, wools of all nationalities except Spain were represented! And most worrying, my research showed me a world where Spanish wool, a historically treasured fiber, is commonly treated as waste and considered unprofitable in the current wool market.

All my findings increased my sense of urgency to create the world I saw in my dream, a vision I now held deep in my heart.I had to get down to work.

Ramón Cobo, Founder Wooldreamers.

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